About Sphider Pro
Sphider Pro is a PHP search engine based around the idea of the original Sphider by Ando Saabas.

We have taken the original scripts and rebuilt then from the ground up to make Sphider Pro a light weight dynamic, simple install package to run a powerfull PHP search engine on your website. Sphider Pro has its own bot to index internet content and images.

We have worked with a UK Web Hosting Company to make sure that this version of Sphider can and will work on shared web hosting packages. They will even install it for you! Webreger.com

Support is avaliable via our support 24/7. Help is always on hand.

Sphider Pro comes with very little CSS styling and is ready for your to implement your style around our code scripts.
Sphider Pro in Action
This version has been tested with over two million keywords, 900,000 links, 29,540 domains & 37,000 images My Safe Search
Support, full features, updates & More
Sphider Pro comes with full support via our support desk, we have dedicated members who are on hand to help with any part of Sphider Pro.

For a full list of features, updates and installation instructions please visit our support knowledge base.

Sphider Pro comes with pre installed themes. These can be set in the admin control settings panel. Custom themes can be created and uploaded so these can also be selectable. For help with Sphider Pro custom themes please see Webreger.com how can help build themes.
Main features (version 3.4.1) Released 28-04-2015
URL Screen shots
Sphider Pro can take a screen shot of a website while indexing and these can then be displayed in the search results page. This setting can be turned off in admin control settings panel.
Report url
Sphider pro allows you to activate this feature in the settings control panel. users will then have the option to report a url. this is shown next to the url in the search results page.
Suggest website
This setting if activated will allow users to suggest a website to be included in the Sphider Pro indexing list.
Search and index multiple languages
Sphider Pro comes with full support to index and search using multiple languages, such as Arabic, search terms can be entered in Arabic and results will be displayed in the websites native language.
Index pdf and doc files
Sphider Pro allows indexing of all pdf and doc files. Simply activate this from within admin control settings and enter the path to your converter. (These are installed on all good web servers).
Periodical Re-indexing
Periodical re-index all sites via cron jobs, Once set in edit sites and cron job is enabled on your server all sites your have selected will be indexed / re-indexed in accordance with the cron job time settings.
What pages have been indexed
To see what pages have been indexed just like Google you can use site:yourdomain.com this will display all the pages that have been indexed relating to that website. Try site:www.webreger.com in our demo.
Page load time:
Displays how long the search query took like Google. I.e. Displaying results 1 - 10 of 2378 matches (0.8 seconds).
Media support:
Index and search for images, this feature allows for image search like Google. Images are indexed by src, width, height and alt tags.
Multiple database support:
Individual configuration and activation of databases for Admin and Search Users. This allows admin to have full database permissions but granting only basic permissions for the Search users. This is a security feature added in and recomended.
Jquery auto suggest:
This featured has been impemented to the search box allowing auto suggestions like Google. Suggested querys are formated based on previous Search users terms, keywords tables & suggested phrases. This also prompts the related search function.
Spelling suggest:
If a result returns no rows the system suggests spelling alternatives. These are populated from keywords and search query logs to enable a did you mean function. This function is turned on from the admin area.
Follow Sitemap files:
Sitemaps are auto detected and links within the sitemaps will be indexed. This feature can be turned off within the admin area.
Robot text files:
Robot text files are always respected. Sphider Pro will not follow or index and page url's that are disalowed by robot text files
Meta tag robots:
Sphider Pro respects robot meta tags and will not index or not follow depending on data set within these tags.
Meta data:
Sphider Pro indexes data with meta tags. Title and description meta data will be used for searching and displaying in the search results page. Web pages that do not have meta tag description then limited page content will displayed in the search results.
404 error pages:
Where a page returns a 404 error these pages are logged and removed by the clean tables function.
Random re-index:
This function selects domains at random to be re-indexed. After re-index has completed the function removes blocked web url's, blocked images, cleans temp tables and removes 404 error pages.
Random un-index:
This function selects domains at random that have not yet been index by Sphider Pro an indexes them. After indexing has completed the function removes blocked web url's, blocked images, cleans temp tables and removes 404 error pages.
Blocked url's:
With this feature you can block a url from being index if it has passed the disallow feature but you don't want that page indexed. This feature is available via the sphider Pro indexing interface.
Ban image:
If an image has been indexed but you do not wish this to be part of the data base you can ban this image. This feature is available via the sphider Pro indexing interface.
Erase & Re-index:
Individual (site specific). Removes the site, links associated with the site and keywords ready to be re-indexed.
different modes of sorting the text results:
Various modes for sorting search results such as weight of meta keyword, meta description, page title and more. These are selectable via the admin interface.
Extensive user statistics:
Search log, Most popular text links, Most popular media links, User IP, Last queried, Top keywords, etc.
Use of whitelist and blacklist:
Page must contain any / all of the words in whitelist. Admin selectable is also a blacklist, holding words to prevent indexing of pages containing these forbidden words.
Ignoring links:
Sphider Pro respects rel="nofollow" attribute in <a href..> tags, so for example the link test.html in <a href="test.html" rel="nofollow"> is ignored.
Advanced Search
This feature once selected in admin area will allow advanced searching features such as Phrase search and category search if categories have been activated.
Category Search
If category search is selected users can search via categories. Admin can turn this feature on or of in. Categories must be created and sites diffined by category for this feature to work. Also Advanced search must be turned on.