Sphider Pro Documentation

Sphider Pro requires PHP 5, also a MySQL database must be available.

The following settings should be adjusted on the server
  • PHP safe_mode: Off
  • Webserver mod_rewrite: On
  • memory_limit 128M

Webreger.com have dedicated shared hosting accounts for Sphider Pro.

Installing Sphider Pro only takes 15 minutes to install and configure ready to start adding sites to be indexed. A more detailed installation guide can be found in our Knoledgebase. Help using Sphider Pro and support for problems can be found in our support.

Sphider Pro comes as a rar file (same as zip files) we recommend using winrar to un-rar your Sphider Pro download. Winrar is free software and can be download from WinRar

Once you have downloaded and un-rared your Sphider Pro version you need to upload all files and folders to your web server.

Create a database on your server for Sphider Pro. We recommend that two user access accounts are created for the database, one giving full privileges for the admin and one with privileges of select and insert for the search user.

You are now ready to install the database settings and database tables, go to www.yourdomain.com/install.php this will install all the database tables required for Sphider Pro. You will be guided through four steps, adding your database connection details, creating database tables and finaly setting the admin username and password.

That's it, go to yourdomain.com/admin and you are ready to login and add sites to be indexed.

Full documentation on how each function works and full help and support is given in our support. There you can request help with development, ask for mods to be made and more.